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Puerto Rican Hispanic childhood coming-out to fairly share sexuality and label

Puerto Rican Hispanic childhood coming-out to fairly share sexuality and label


Personal fitness operate worried about Latina youngsters sexuality try mostly presented because of the syndemic of adolescent pregnancy and you can intimately transmitted infections, a slim and sometimes heteronormative attract one to perpetuates silences one contribute in order to wellness inequities and you may overlooks brand new expanding significance of enhanced education, good sense, and you can support having LGBTQ young people. This post gift ideas findings regarding the opportunity Why don’t we Discuss Sex: Electronic Storytelling having Puerto Rican Hispanic Youngsters, that used good culturally based, narrative-created approach for analyzing participants’ own specifications of sexual philosophy and techniques. The effectiveness of electronic storytelling will be based upon its electricity since the a keen imaginative product to possess area-built and culturally founded research, as well as in their capacity to start the spaces having health telecommunications. Here we introduce one or two “being released” case training so you’re able to show the value of digital storytelling within the help the introduction of meaningful and you will culturally associated fitness strategy operate to possess LGBTQ-recognized Puerto Rican Latina young people over the life span.


This new principal commentary close the sex off Puerto Rican Hispanic teens are not excludes the fresh range intersections regarding race, group, ethnicity, sex, and you may title, resulting in a silencing throughout the sex that is critical to undo in order to meaningfully address chronic inequities for the intimate wellness (Acosta, 2010; Brockenbrough, 2013; Gubrium & Shafer, 2014). Youngsters sexuality is normally framed “regarding private deviance instead of structural road blocks” (Peterson, Antony, & Thomas, 2012, p.1), while social, social, and you will structural height size will still be united nations-problematized (Lupton, 1994). Current health promotion jobs solely work with measureable consequences such as significantly lower rates off teen maternity and you may birth, somewhat from the singularly generating use of and employ of Enough time Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs) and Depo-Provera (Gomez, Fuentes, & Allina, 2014). The fresh associated messaging try created abreast of search suggesting one to slowing down maternity https://datingmentor.org/escort/jackson/ truly correlates so you’re able to expands for the education, a position, and you can monetary shelter. However, this really is seldom happening getting marginalized some one. And additionally with strong origins within the typically biased expertise out of people manage (Briggs, 2002; Garcia, 2009), such narrowly focused pregnancy-protection approaches in addition to their associated funding structures are not able to address and you may admit the newest state-of-the-art societal techniques and you will power imbalances you to update sexuality and you may well-being, resulting in the downplaying of vital personal health and people-outlined situations (Lupton, 1994).

The fresh new dominating search paradigm when you look at the fitness telecommunications operates to your base off a great “universality,” or one to-size-fits-all the, character of health conditions as well as their options (Dutta, 2010). It paradigm is bound because it erases the socially created, in your area particular, and you can competitive character ones health problems. Vital wellness communications idea, concurrently, “interrogates the costs intertwined on degree claims produced by biomedicine, and viewpoints underlying the latest societal scientific concepts one could be the number one grounds regarding says to make to have wellness telecommunications students” (Dutta, 2010, p. 535). For this reason, vital health telecommunications studies try to “foreground the community once the a dynamic meaning and work out participant, engaged in this new vibrant and constantly negotiated process of meaning and make, performing in the midst of structures, and you can as well trying to disrupt this type of structures” (Dutta, 2010, p. 537).

This article gift suggestions results out-of Why don’t we Speak about Sex: Electronic Storytelling to have Puerto Rican Hispanic Youngsters. From the enterprise, we used digital storytelling (DST) within a society-created method (CCA), prioritizing the effective use of digital and you will visual narratives due to the fact a shop for young women to analyze their own criteria away from intimate viewpoints and you can practices, ergo inverting the typical stamina imbalances built-in toward old-fashioned search process. By way of a method built on class solidarity, users move off getting objectified by the event, so you can changing its knowledge to the an object: an electronic digital tale (Gubrium, 2009). Here i introduce a few situation training from the endeavor so you can show the worth of so it narrative process for signaling openings from inside the most recent intimate health input build, and to revision the development of important health strategy efforts to have LGBTQ Puerto Rican Hispanic youth.

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